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13/10/14. An update on progress. - Excellent News.

23/8/14. An update on progress over the last month. - August Update.

4/8/14. An update on renewed progress - Late July Update.

28/6/14. An update on progress over the last month or so – June Update.

15/5/14. An update on progress over the last month or so – May Update.

3/4/14. The FDVH AGM 2014 will take place on Wednesday 28th May starting at 8:00pm in the Village Hall on Southbrook Road, West Ashling. All are welcome.

28/3/14. The Home and Communities Agency have awarded the project a grant of £32,000 to cover planning costs.

10/3/14. The independently prepared Consultation Report which covers the suggestions and concerns raised at the Road Shows is now available. It can also be accessed at the foot of the Preliminary Survey and Consultation page.

3/3/2014. A new section has been added entitled Become a Member. It details the benefits of becoming a member of the Community Centre and how to apply for membership.

12/2/2014. A grant application submitted to the Home and Communities Agency.

6/2/2014. Survey Results from the Preliminary Consultation and Survey Road Shows. 



Latest News Update


Excellent News

Excellent news. The HoTs have now been approved and signed by all parties i.e. Seawards, the FDCCSL Co-operative and the Village Hall Trustees. All is now in place to start the ‘pre-application planning’ process and… Read more »