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22/11/16.  Current Status and Progress So Far updated.

20/11/16. An update on progress November 2016 news.

14/11/16. Fund raising advice from a professional fund raiser.

10/10/16. An update on progress September 2016 news.

11/08/16. Publication of the Parish consultation results.

22/06/16. An update on progress. June 2016 news.

22/05/16. An update on progress. May 2016 news.

27/04/16. An update on progress. End April 2016 news.

18/04/16. Village Hall Secretary retiring. Volunteer needed for Village Hall Secretary .

Latest News Update

Community Centre South Side

November 2016 News

In the September News it was noted that a meeting was to be held with a professional fund raiser, Kevin Lawrence. The purpose of the meeting would be to consider the outcome of the Parish… Read more »