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Recent changes

27/06/15. An update on progress. – June news.

09/06/15.  Policy statements placed on the site.

08/05/15. Planning Consents granted.

07/05/15.  AGM and Annual Members Meeting  date announced.

23/03/15. Planning Applications submitted. – Plans Submitted.

28/02/15. An update on progress. –  February Update.

30/01/15. An update on progress. –  January Update.

21/12/14. The current status page updated to provide a link to the pre-planning applications.

19/12/14. Walk-in event announced for Wednesday 28th January 2015 4:00pm to 8:00pm in the Village Hall. See News.




Latest News Update

June News

If you notice a JCB or similar sort of excavator on the Community Centre site during July then please contain your excitement. It’s not the start of building work. The excavator will be digging a… Read more »