FDCCSL made Dormant

The Annual Members Meeting was held as planned in the Village Hall last Thursday 25th May. At the meeting the members passed the following motion:

The Funtington District Community Centre Society Ltd. be made dormant from the date of this meeting (25th May 2017) until such time that circumstances change and either the Co-operative can be revived, or, there is deemed to be no viable future for the Co-operative and a meeting of its members decide to wind up the Co-operative.

Consequently the Funtington District Community Centre Society Ltd is now dormant. This means that there will be no further activity on the Community Centre project other than the Annual Members’ Meeting and statutory filings with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

The lack of volunteers from within the community combined with the increase in build costs have led to this sad result. However let us hope that at some stage in the future this venture will be restarted.

On the positive side, the Village Hall Committee have already started to make considerable investments in the old hall. The car park has been resurfaced; the gutters, downpipes and soffits replaced; the brick work repointed as needed; all the ‘blown’ double glazed windows have been replaced.

The next step is for the Village Hall Committee to consider what internal changes and updates can be made with the limited budget available. If you have any ideas then please drop a note to the Village Hall Chairman at rgmtassell@gmail.com .

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