May 2017 Newsletter

This newsletter covers recent decisions concerning the future of the Community Centre and the Village Hall along with details of the forthcoming AGM/AMM.

The Future of the Community Centre and the Village Hall

Over recent months the Community Centre Management Committee has made repeated requests for volunteers to help with making grant applications and fund raising. Regrettably the response has been limited, and way short of the numbers needed. Yesterday the Community Centre Management Committee decided that in the absence of the necessary support, they would, with great reluctance, be recommending to the Annual Members Meeting on 25th May that the Co-operative be made dormant i.e. it would not be wound up. Dormancy means that the Co-operative will continue to exist until hopefully circumstances change. Maybe new blood will come along, maybe a legacy will be received, who knows. It also means that all the energy, hard work and money expended to date will not be lost. In the meantime the Co-operative will continue to file accounts annually with the FCA and to hold an Annual Members Meeting. The current Planning Consent expires in May/2018. Enquiries are being made about the ease and cost of renewing this Consent.

In the light of the decision to make the Community Centre co-operative dormant, the Trustees of the Village Hall have decided that they need to continue to try to improve the fabric of the building and its surroundings. A recently completed structural survey of the Hall has revealed a significant number of problems that require attention. One early action has already been taken specifically the replacement of the blown double glazing on the south side of the main hall and on the west side of the Jessie Sparke’s room. Other items requiring attention include replacing all gutters and downpipes, repairing soffits and fascias, repairing slipped roof tiles, repointing the walls where mortar has eroded away and resurfacing of the car park. Estimates have been received. The cost is expected to be in the region of £8,000.

The Trustees have also decided that they needed to look at updating the internal facilities within the Hall and will be meeting shortly to look at the requirements.

The hall has some reserves but this extended scope of work will require additional monies. To this end the Trustees are asking all users if they can help with contributions.


Once again the Village Hall Annual General Meeting and the Community Centre Annual Members Meeting will be held as a joint meeting. The meeting will take place on Thursday 25th May starting at 7:30pm in the Village Hall. Please come along and support your Hall.

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