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May 2016 News

The Parish Council is about to consult the whole parish on whether the parish is willing to support the Parish Council in taking out a public Works loan and also on the future of the Community Centre…. Read more »

April 2016 News

The absence of a volunteer lead fund raiser has led to a decision to explore the costs/benefits of using a professional fund raiser. This was one of the decisions from the recent joint meeting of… Read more »

Village Hall Secretary

The current village hall secretary, after several years in the role, is retiring. The Trustees of the Funtington & District Village Hall are looking to recruit a new secretary to the role. The role is… Read more »

End March News 2016

No volunteer(s) has come forward to lead the fundraising as yet. This is a critical issue which is affecting the progress of the project. As such, and unusually, it’s been a quiet month with not… Read more »

March 2016 News

After last month’s ‘bad news’, we bring you some very good news! A grant of £25,000 has been awarded to the Community Centre from Chichester District Council. This is the maximum grant that CDC can… Read more »