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Plans submitted for pre-application advice

First of all a warm welcome to new recipients of this newsletter. It comes out at approximately monthly intervals but more often if we’ve got important news, as we currently have. We hope you’ll wish… Read more »

Excellent News

Excellent news. The HoTs have now been approved and signed by all parties i.e. Seawards, the FDCCSL Co-operative and the Village Hall Trustees. All is now in place to start the ‘pre-application planning’ process and… Read more »

August Update

This month, at last, we are can report some progress. We have met Seawards, and we think (at the time of writing) that we have ironed out all the difficulties. Two factors have been giving… Read more »

Late July Update

In the last two newsletters it was reported that Seawards appeared to have jettisoned the project due to business pressures. It is a great relief to report that, after what seems like an eternity, the pressure on… Read more »

June Update

We reported last month that Seawards were very busy with some major developments and were finding it impossible to allocate time to us. We were then hopeful that we would be able to meet Seawards to… Read more »