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This year the Village Hall AGM will be held on 25th May starting at 7:30pm in the Village Hall. As has been the practice for the last couple of years the AGM will be a joint AGM with the Community Centre Co-operative. Agendas and details will follow in due course.

Despite regular requests, I have been disappointed by the lack of response for someone to offer their services as trustee/secretary of the Village Hall, a far less onerous task than that facing the groups mentioned in the Community Centre article.

The need is all the greater, because Cathy Goldring has decided that she must stand down as one of the trustees. Cathy became chairman of the trustees in 1996 (after some years on the committee) and continued to serve as chairman until the AGM in 2011, when I took over. But Cathy continued to serve as a trustee until now, a remarkable 20+ year span of service, and the community at large should be very grateful to her for all she did over all these years.

So we need a new trustee, who is willing to be secretary (main duties as described below), to serve our village hall, a vital community asset. Please step forward by getting in touch with me by email to or phone 07885 781131.

Apart from that, I can say that the use of the Village Hall gently continues to increase, and we are so grateful to Krystyna Allan, who takes and sorts out all the bookings as well as doing the accounts and banking the money and paying our bills.

Lastly, 2017 is a Fete year, as announced elsewhere, and the Village Hall continues its enthusiastic participation in the biennial Funtington Fete scheduled for Saturday 8th July.

Duties of the Village Hall Secretary

• Organising meetings of the Trustees (generally about three times per year). Issuing the meeting agenda, recording the minutes and distributing them. This is all done on-line
• Organising the Annual General Meeting
• Acting as a contact point for various outside bodies e.g. local councils, Action in Rural Sussex, Charity Commission.
• Monthly checks of the Village Hall lighting, general condition etc.
Averaged over the year this takes 1-2 hours per week.

Richard Tassell

Chairman Funtington & District Village Hall

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