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Fund Raising Event Updates

Thank you to all who attended our recent pre-London run of ‘Separate Ways’ in the village hall on Friday 16th August. It was such a treat to see this show being performed, the music and direction were fabulous, and the performers were fantastic. We hope to hold many more similar fund rising events in the future.

After we had paid our professional performers, we were able to put just over £500 into the hall refurbishment fund, this was raised by a percentage of the takings, the bar profit and a couple of donations, so thank you to everyone who came along.

Sam O'Hanlon (Freddy), Michaela Bennison (Emily), Arabella Rodrigo (Beth)

Performers Michaela Bennison (Emily), Sam O’Hanlon (Freddy) and Arabella Rodrigo (Beth)

Please keep looking out for future village hall fund raising events, we advertise them on all Parish Notice Boards, in and around the Village Hall, on the Village Hall Website, on the Funtington Grapevine and we send out updates to the ‘Friends of Funtington and District Village Hall’, we also put adverts in the Parish Magazine and the Village Magazine when we can get them into print on time.

We have now applied for seven grants and we hope to hear soon if we have been lucky enough to be awarded funding from any of our applications. Anyone who has ever applied for grant funding will know what a nightmare it all is, the application forms take forever to complete and then once the application gets accepted you are then asked to supply more information and if you are successful on this level, you are then asked to supply even more information, the process takes many, many months, but we have successfully got onto the second/third level with quite a few of our applications….and so we just continue to keep fingers and toes crossed.

For future events, we are organising: Christmas Carols in the Horse and Groom PH, a fund raising dinner, a Christmas party/music event in the hall and then next summer we will be resurrecting the Village Duck Race.

Thank you for your continued support of our fund raising activities and if you would like to become a ‘Friend of the Village Hall’ and receive regular news updates, please contact me.

Planning Permission has now been approved for the Village Hall alterations and extensions, which is very good news.

Today we have been able to fill the thermometer up a little bit more.

We also have the offer of financial help, from some local businesses. Any further offers would be great!

The Trustees and I are beginning to feel quite excited about the future improvements to our much loved village hall, as the proposed improvements become a huge step closer to becoming a reality.

Jane Mottershead
Chair of WAFVH
01243 575480

Latest News Update

Fund raising progress …

Fund raising is underway to support the improvements to the hall, our thermometer has just moved up!!!