September 2016 News

On 25th August, we had a meeting of the Trustees of the Village Hall and the Management Committee of the new Community Centre Co-operative, which was very well attended notwithstanding the very short notice.

The idea was to try to give Funtington Parish Council some idea as to how we (the two charities involved) viewed the results of the public consultation on the future prospects of the project.

This was to enable the Parish Council to have informed discussion about the Public Works Loan.

After a lively discussion, it was agreed that the voting figures did represent a positive response, sufficiently so to engage the services of a professional fundraiser, to provide expert advice on the viability of raising the balance of funds to build the new Community Centre, through grants and public fundraising.

We have been in communication with Kevin Lawrence whose interim report on the results of the public consultation was considered at the meeting, and we await a more detailed report, probably in early October.

We also decided to stay the excellent work David Shears has been doing, to drive down the anticipated build costs, until we have been able to review Kevin Lawrence’s further report.

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