Village Hall Improvements

A meeting to consider further improvements that might be made to the Village Hall was held on 17 July. However, the first piece of news is that, at this meeting, Rob Symmons kindly put his name forward to take over the position of Village Hall Secretary and was appointed to the role by a unanimous vote.  Many, many thanks to John Peart who has done a great job as Secretary for the last 6 years.

The meeting went on to discuss the proposals for possible improvements to the Hall, put forward by various individuals and users.  These fell into two main groups: insulation and heating; and cosmetic decoration. A number of actions were decided upon:

  • * To seek quotes for professionally painting and decorating the inside of the entire building.
  • * To seek quotes for sanding and sealing the wooden floor in the main hall.
  • * To seek advice and quotes from insulation experts on the most effective way to insulate and heat the entire building.
  • * To establish the cost of installing heating, upgrading and decorating the lavatories.
  • * To investigate the installation of more attractive overhead lighting in the main hall.
  • * To investigate refurbishing the kitchen.

Unfortunately, a number of proposals – whilst well received and thank you to all those who took the time to make suggestions – had to be rejected at this time due to cost.   The next steps are, of course, to determine the practicality of taking forward the agreed actions and see if any grants are available to support the inevitable expense.

If you can assist the Village Hall Committee with any of the activities above please send an email to or call Richard Tassell on 01243 575450.

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